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Legal advice on civil law in Tenerife

Legal advice on civil law in Tenerife

The lawyers at Fernández Bethencourt are specialists in Civil Law. Civil Law includes matters such as defence in civil proceedings, contracts, lawsuits or issues related to your assets.

We have a wide and extensive experience working with the Courts of Justice in Tenerife. Our civil law lawyers will undoubtedly know how to deal with your claim.

Fernández Bethencourt Abogados offers you a team of expert lawyers in Civil Law in Tenerife, who will be able to advise you and carry out complex legal procedures, with a successful final outcome.

Our civil lawyers in Tenerife can help you in the process of buying, selling and/or donating a property according to the current property law regulations.

We offer advice on the liability and drafting of contracts to execute the lease of a property for residential or commercial use to the applicant.

At the Fernández Bethencourt Law Firm in Tenerife, you can also handle matters related to applications for the extinction of condominium, usucapion, loans and the regulation of rights in a person's life (nationality, marriage, incapacitation, declaration of death and paternal-filial relations).

Here you can find all the legal services so that you can get to know in depth everything we do at Bufete Fernández Bethencourt Abogados, always with the best lawyers who are experts in Civil Law to handle your case.

As the drafting and signing of contracts is one of the most frequently requested services when it comes to consultations, our office will advise you on the following types of contracts, among others:



Contractual and non-contractual liability


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